3D Virtual Tour of the Alhambra



Telefonica Foundation and Patronato of Alhambra and Generalife created the three-dimensional virtual recreation for Internet and CD-ROM of the Alhambra and the Generalife, which includes the digitization of the fortress of the Alhambra palaces and the Generalife gardens Nazari allowing the tour of the interior and exterior of buildings in a completely free, as if it were a royal visit.

It aims to not only get a virtual reality, and above all, a didactic study to deepen the knowledge of the monument, using interactive animations, photographs and panoramic 360 ° to help discover the history, environment, customs , architecture and art surrounding the Alhambra palace city of the Nazari dynasty.

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Patronato of Tourism of Granada. THE ALHAMBRA - 3D Virtual Tour

El monumento más emblemático de Granada. Recorre las estancias de los palacios árabes con su rica decoración, las murallas y torres que la defendieron durante siglos y los jardines que embriagaron los sentidos de los reyes de la dinastía Nazarí.

visitavirtualalhambra Ver la visita virtual de la Alhambra
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